Analyzers and control systems for waste water treatment


SAS designs manufactures and installs computers its infrastructures and interface accessories focused on water supply systems agriculture and greenhouses environment control fish farming controllers and sewage treatment plants for thousands of customers worldwide. SAS has developed a super-absorption polymer X-Oiler utilised for soil and water decontamination and we proceed with developing of new environmental targeted products and technologies based on our polymers. SAS has developed and produced an innovated plastic solar water heater for domestic uses. The company designs produces and erects: 1. Controllers and Computers for water supply systems (both Agriculture and Municipal) for waste treatment plant water and sewage treatment plants as well as for gas and full supply. 2. Sewage treatment plants for domestic Industrial and Agriculture waste water 3. Stimulated Water Evaporation for wastewater treatment and desalination industry 4. XOiler- contaminated soils and wastewater treatment agent 5. Aquaculture farms for edible and ornamental fish prawns mussels frogs and algae 6. Car Driving Simulators utilizing for driving skills education practicing examine and research


1. Environmentally targeted 2. Advanced technology; Proven record of commercial use

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