Analyzers and control systems for drinking water treatment

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Remmon Remote Monitoring provides professional solutions within GSM cellular networks. Using GSM GPRS technology Remmon Remote Terminal Units (RTU) offer the ability to control operate update and log crucial data. We offer remote data log devices and M2M solutions and specialize in remote reading and AMR systems. The company targets the water management irrigation control agriculture homeland security weather and environment sectors for project implementation. Remote terminal units remote data loggers Web server and mail pulling solutions RTU unites for remote control and remote data logging using GPRS com combined with SMS alerts for crucial information. All Remmon’s RTUs are combined with internal Digital/Analog I/Os and PLC protocols (e.g. Modbus). 1. R-lite- SMS alert unit for receiving real time information according to pre-set R-lite. 2. R-log- Data mailer with gigantic data logger directly communicates with an SMTP server to send some or all logged data to predefined Email boxes. 3. R-pipe- Serial over IP using RPIPE to create a virtual channel between your PC and your remote unit. 4. Web server- Remmon internet-based SCADA system comprises Master Terminal Unit (MTU) which is a powerful SQL internet server Multiple RTU devices and GPRS communication module.


1. Real-time information is received 2. Gigantic data logging 3. SCADA system is based on a powerful SQL server; Proven record of commercial use

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