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Alelyckan Recycling Park was developed as a pioneering facility, where objects regarded as waste are received, repaired, processed and sold on site, creating a circular loop. Alelyckan Recycling Park has a covered sorting hall where trained staff help people sort their waste materials correctly. Items that can be reused are set aside and taken to one of the shops in the Recycling Park. Once this is complete, visitors continue to the recycling centre and dispose of their material in the designated places.

<h2> Återbruket – the reuse centre </h2>
At Återbruket, you can find everything from windows, wardrobes, roof tiles and toilets to turn-of-the-century verandas. You can also seek inspiration here for new projects and perhaps find a particular item to suit your home. The selection at Återbruket varies from one day to the next, depending on what comes in.
Återbruket is run by the City of Gothenburg’s Sustainable Waste and Water scheme, which is a non-profit operation. The revenue from sales is used to run Återbruket and support different projects that create job opportunities for people who have difficulties finding work. Shopping at Återbruket creates value in several ways; it provides work opportunities for people, while also helping the environment.

<h2> Returhuset – from café to cultivation and workshops </h2>
Returhuset’s organically certified café serves food prepared and cooked entirely with organic ingredients. Returhuset’s workshops renovate bicycles, which are then made available to buy. They also make new items from recycled and organic materials. Returhuset’s gardening group grows flowers and vegetables, some of which are made into condiments and other cooking products for sale.
By shopping here, you contribute to work opportunities for people, while protecting the Earth’s resources.

<h2> Stadsmissionen, Gothenburg’s ecclesiastical charity </h2>
Stadsmissionen’s charity shop offers much the same benefits as the organisations above; when you buy things here, you help protect the environment by reducing the production of new items and creating job opportunities for people struggling to access the labour market. You also contribute to Stadsmissionen’s activities, which are open to everyone. All profits from sales go to Stadsmissionen’s donation-funded activities for vulnerable people.

<h2> Returning large quantities at Pantamera Express </h2>
Pantamera Express makes it easier if you want to return large quantities of recyclable containers. Instead of returning each plastic bottle or tin separately, you pour the containers straight from your bag into a machine. The machine then sorts the items and works out the refund, which you can choose to give to charity if you wish. You can also have the refund paid to your PayPal account or as vouchers that are valid in most supermarkets.

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