An AirHeater uses the rays of the sun to blow warmth into your home and creates a healthy indoor climate with low humidity.

Airheater – healthy indoor climate and free heating

With DanSolar AirHeater technology the air is drawn back and forth three times inside the ventilator before the air is released inside. The ventilator has a filter that cleans the air, which is an advantage for allergics among others.

The AirHeater unit needs no power because the built-in solar panel supplies all the necessary energy.

The AirHeater is available for both permanent residences and holiday homes, and the unit is easily mounted on either a roof or a wall.

In the DSB series the fan starts as soon as there is enough sun to run it.  However, it will take 20-30 minutes before the desired temperature is reached. When the temperature is as desired, the injection stops via an adjustable room thermostat.

DSB series comes in two models:

DSB1 measures 61 x 124.5 x 6.8 cm and is suitable for up to 40 m2, with an air flow of 155 m3 /h

DSB2 measures 85 x 142.5 x 6.8 cm and is suitable for up to 70 m2, with an air flow of 155 m3 /h

Both models are made of a UV-treated composite frame and two polycarbonate plates. In addition, 1 fan.

The DSB series is recommended for summer cottages, allotment houses, outbuildings, conservatories, garages, hunting lodges and the like.

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