Air Quality and Meteorological Control Systems


Meteo-Logic has developed a solution that provides accurate and automatic Power and Weather forecasting for the energy sector. The solution is particularly tailored to the needs of businesses in the renewable energy market which require the highest level of accuracy in order to substantially enhance overall planning performance and profitability.


1. Meteo-Logic’s technology uses a unique approach assuming that making the correlation between the synoptic situation and measured values on the ground requires a special complex model for every forecasting point 2. Meteo-Logic’s outstanding prediction algorithm is based on Bayesian statistics that enable constantly updated accurate power and weather forecasts for a specific location. 3. Meteo-Logic’s technology allows prediction in variable resolution starting from daily overview to high resolution as hourly forecast. 4. By incorporating all the historical weather information from a specific location the system is able to generate accurate prediction of Power Temperature Humidity Wind speed and direction and precipitation on the ground for the specific location. 5. Meteo-Logic’s technology can turn any weather station around the globe into a weather Forecasting Point supplying 5 days hourly weather prediction accurate for the specific location of the weather station; Proven record of commercial use

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