Agricultural and Marine Dryer


1. Dryer is a mechanism for drying the agriculture and marine products in order to increase the shelf life and maintain the quality of such products. Drying is the processes without causing damage to the quality of the interior and exterior of the safe storage moisture content typically from 14 to 15 percentage to refer to the process of removing the moisture. That is to say the operation of supplying the heat required for evaporation is supplied to room temperature or heated air to the processes and at the same time remove the evaporated moisture. 2. The purpose of drying the processes and the life of which is to improve the shelf life. In other words to the extent that loss of quality is minimized by the microorganism to remove the water. As a constraint the quality of the dried products can be minimized in that the energy consumption in the drying process as it must be maintained or improved. On the other hand if the drying is markedly reduced volume and weight of the processes to packaging handling there is a side effect that reduces storage and transportation costs.


1. This product is designed and manufactured by its own patented technology (title of the invention: agriculture and marine products drier by refrigeration cycle registration number: No.10-1534533 Date: 01/07/2015) and accumulated technical know-how. 2. A mix of cold air dehumidification drying method and air dried in a mechanical system or a hybrid automatic dryer that can be used separately. Because the structure has a wicker tray to rotate there is no replacement of the position of the wicker tray drying at all necessary thereby further improving the quality of the material to be dried through the stable and uniform drying. High-efficiency heating pump using a special heat exchanger to the cold heat of the recruitment and refrigeration dehumidification drying method using a drier so it is compared with a third-party oil or electric dryer about 50% of the energy cost savings is economically excellent. Less traction plays a role in the low-carbon green growth by emissions of carbon dioxide. Upper and...

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