Affordable air quality sensors networks


AirBase Systems is a Israeli start-up that developed a cheap and affordable air quality sensors networks The sensors can be used indoors and outdoors. This sensor-unit price is a market breaker given the current cost of an air monitoring unit being at least 20 times higher. Airbase’s revolutionary patent pending technology will enable its users to become far more aware of the quality of the air they inhale and will equip its users with the practical tools to protect their health. In the spatial application the sensors are connected via the Internet onto a city-wide or country-wide network. This network continuously gauges air contaminants information. With this deployed network Airbase will aggregate data analyze it and deliver alerts through a friendly user interface in a variety of channels and forms including the internet (open GIS) mobile devices and apps. The operating cost varies according to the size of the network.


The system is currently equipped to measure levels of Ozone CO NOx VOC dust noise relative humidity and temperatures. The highly compact sensors are stored in a home router like box that is simply powered-in and hooked to the LAN plugs (or Wi-Fi) of the internet router - just plug and play Immediately after it is connected the sensors are operative sending a pulse of information every 20 seconds. Any deviation from the allowed (or inputted) exposure standard will generate an immediate alert.; Proven record of commercial use

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