Advanced Thermal Control Switchboard for water cooled package air-conditioning systems


The common problem of building air-conditioning systems such as those in non-residential buildings is the inability to match the system’s cooling capacity to the imposed cooling load. Most often the compressors are set to operate at the maximum speed providing maximum cooling capacity at all time resulting in unnecessary waste of energy. Even the traditional on/off thermostat control is not desirable from the perspective of compressor’s operation and affects the life span of the system. ATCS on the other hand allows the compressors to operate continuously at reduced capacity. ATCS’s cascade control through the use of an advanced controller with frequency drive inverter and soft-starter for refrigerant compressors has the capability to control dual compressor circuits to match the performance of the air-conditioning system with the imposed changing loads.


The purpose of the ATCS is for improving the energy efficiency of water cooled package air-conditioning systems and to provide a satisfactory thermal indoor environment. ATCS has been deployed in Malaysia with impressive energy and cost saving results. In one demonstration that took place at the UTM Faculty of Mechanical Engineering involving retro-fitting of two air conditioning systems in the ground floor of one of the buildings the deployment of ATCS resulted in energy savings with more than 50% during a 6-month testing period. In these demonstrations a steady temperature of 23°C was maintained in the building which before the installation of the ACTS the indoor temperature varied between 25oC and 17oC.; Pre Commercialisation stage Contact [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected] for more details

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