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Advanced Polymeric Membranes with Fillers of Ordered Mesoporous Structures

Polymeric membranes have been widely used for desalination and water softening wastewater treatment biomedical and pharmaceutical materials separation and other chemical engineering applications. Our invention involves creating high performance membranes by integrating various fillers with ordered and/or defined mesoporous structures. The key characteristics of the membranes is that not only the surface properties of the filler materials play a role in improving the membrane performance the to-be-separated liquid can also pass through the mesoporous structures of the filler materials this enhances the membrane performance. Applications: (1) Reverse Osmosis (2) Nano-Filtration State of development: Membrane developed and tested; Further R&D required for the optimization of membrane characteristics Licensing Potential: University seeks licensee with the potential to commercialize.


The high performing polymeric membranes are useful for wastewater treatment. Main Advantages: (1) High flow rate (2) High salt rejection levels

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