AddAir - Heater and heat exchanger in one unit


The AddAir heater/heat exchanger completely changes the dehumidification process in a poultry house. We see a cut in heating costs by almost 70 % compared to traditional heaters.

Heating with AddAir

During the first weeks the AddAir work no different from other water carried heaters. With dampers closed the AddAir bring room air through the heater where it is heated to room temperature.

Dehumidification with AddAir

The real game changer is the dehumidification process. In this mode the AddAir brings outside air to the house via the open dampers in the unit. This incoming air pass through the heater where it is heated to room temperature. This increase Δt significantly. The higher Δt, the dryer the air entering the house. The higher Δt, the more efficient the dehumidification process becomes.

The AddAir brings 8000 m³/hour of dry air to the house and thereby the dehumidification process becomes very fast and efficient. The number of units needed depends on insulation of the house and the size of the house. The open construction and the swing away front makes cleaning fast and efficient.

AddAir in short: 

• No CO2 emissions in the poultry house

• Significantly reduced humidity in the house

• Optimal environment for the birds

• Much better bird performance

• Extremely easy to clean

• Electrical consumption 1/5 of other similar systems

Heat capacity

- 60kW at -10 Pa and 30°C ambient, calculated at nominal fluid flow

- Calculate heat output using the following formula:

- ( Tfluid inlet - Tcooling air inlet ) * 1.2kW

- Example: (80-30) * 1.2 kW = 60 kW

Air exchange capacity

- 8000 m3/h at -10 Pa and open dampers

Fluid supply requirement

- Nominal: 50 l/min per unit, 80°C at inlet

- Long Life Antifreeze suitable for aluminum must be added

- (25-60% concentration depending on climate conditions – consult installer)

Fluid temperature drop

- Approximately 20°C at nominal flow and 30°C ambient air.

Fan motor

- 3x400VAC 6-pole (950 rpm) 0.3kW IP55 Insulation Class F

- Suitable for frequency drive operation (optional)

Unit weight including liquid

- 190kg

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