Adaptation Technologies for Climate Change


Rotem Industries Ltd specializes in the commercialization of advanced technologies and science in a multi discipline environment. Rotem Industries Ltd is driven by an energetic and ambitious team of directors scientists engineers and employees who are committed to build an environmentally sustainable future. Our Renewable Energy Innovation Center is intensively engaged in technology incubation research development industrialization and commercialization of renewable energy technologies. The Center offers a unique technological and business environment that can accelerate the introduction of new technologies to the renewable energy global market. Air Solar Receiver- A Solar Thermal Power Plant with a High Temperature central Receiver (HTR). Solar tests were carried out successfully in order to demonstrate the feasibility of a large-scale central solar receiver. Biological Soil Crust- The development of biological soil crust as top cap over waste disposal site of hazardous materials and other facilities reducing dispersion of contaminants to the environment. Thermal Storage- An in-house development of PCM (Phase Change material) based Thermal Storage System. This unique and innovative technology offers a low cost high temperature storage that enables trough technology and other solar applications to reach their cost and efficiency goals. WinDo- Heat generator based wind turbine connected to a vertical-axis-wind-turbine.


The company has been mandated to implement and commercialize state-of-the-art marketable innovations reaping the technical harvest of scientific research for the benefit of research industrial and commercial communities worldwide. Specifically Rotem excels and is successfully engaged in: Advanced research activities Applications development Manufacturing and fine engineering Provision of services to the industrial defence and academic communities Marketing and business activities.; Proven record of commercial use

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