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Active Solar Energy Storage - An energy efficient home

Active Solar Energy Storage - An energy efficient home

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Active Solar Energy Storage (ASES) is an active heat storage system for low- and zero-energy buildings. It is a unique energy system that utilizes, seasonal stores and recycles the sun's energy for heating and domestic hot water in buildings during the winter.

A well-insulated building with ASES-systems in the Nordic climate, has a pleasant climate while only 15-20 kWh per square meter per year is used for heating and hot water. As this system demonstrated significantly lower energy consumption in the buildings where the system is installed, we think it should be something to highlight, given how this affects the environment in a positive way.

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Norconsult AB
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Green Gothenburg, Bollebygd, Bollebygd, +46 (0)702 79 87 99

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Tuesday 25 July 2017