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ACES21 - Energy-saving Urea Process

Progress of the Evolution of Urea Process and the Energy conservation in TOYO
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ACES21 provides both energy saving and plant cost reduction in urea production supported by the following features:

  • Uniquely optimized process parameters of urea synthesis process under the milder operating conditions combined with multiple heat integration in downstream process realizes remarkable reduction in energy consumption in urea production process.
  • Forced circulation in synthesis loop by HP ejector without gravity flow provides compact and low-rise layout of plant
  • Two stage urea synthesis in the Vertical Submerged. Carbamate Condenser (VSCC) and in the reactor lessens number and volume of HP equipment in urea synthesis loop.
Organisation providing the technology:
Toyo Engineering Corporation

- 30 to 40% energy saving compared to conventional production technologies- 10 to 20% energy saving compared to modern production technologies


On top of substantial savings due to energy conservation, the following can be achieved:- Low investment cost (construction and equipment).- Easy operation and high on-stream factor- Low maintenance cost (due to factors such as milder operating condition)- Less corrosion- Clean effluents


Typical EPC period: 3 years

Countries where implemented:
Case story of implementation:

12 implementations in 9 countries (Indonesia, China, Trinidad & Tobago, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nigeria, etc.)


Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, JapanEmail: [email protected]

Technology owners:

ACES21 has been developed in cooperation with P.T. Pupuk Sriwidjaya (PUSRI) of Indonesia.