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3D semiconductor manufacturing method

3D semiconductor manufacturing method



The crosscutting nature of the industry sector means its activities and outputs impact all parts of society. As a result, industry can play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product lifecycle, starting at the point of raw material extraction, right through production, usage and end-of-life waste recovery. Many opportunities exist in the provision of services through sustainable procurement, supply chain and logistics that minimise transport and emissions, and application of climate change technology on production plant and manufacturing processes. Below you will find related publications, partners, CTCN technical assistance, technologies and other information for exploring this topic further.  

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Three dimension semiconductor device and manufacturing method of laminating a plurality of wafers and electrically connecting semiconductor circuit units on chips of the wafers together to obtain a desired semiconductor circuit


Three dimension semiconductor device and manufacturing method by TSV (Through Silicon Via) contributing to high-integration down-sizing and low-power consumption. Manufacturing process of 3D semiconductor with thinner wafer and capable of reducing process for electrical connection between wafers to be laminated inter alia in the process; A deep isolation trench extending from the main surface of a substrate to a desired depth is formed on the substrate with an insulating film in buried in it to form a through isolation portion. Subsequently after a MOSFET is formed on the main surface of the substrate an interlayer insulating film is deposited on the main surface of the substrate. Then a deep conduction trench extending from the upper surface of the interlayer insulating film to a depth within the thickness of the substrate is formed in a region surrounded by the through isolation potion. Subsequently a conductive film is buried in the deep conduction trench to the through isolation portion and the...

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013