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3D semiconductor manufacturing method

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Three dimension semiconductor device and manufacturing method of laminating a plurality of wafers and electrically connecting semiconductor circuit units on chips of the wafers together to obtain a desired semiconductor circuit


Three dimension semiconductor device and manufacturing method by TSV (Through Silicon Via) contributing to high-integration down-sizing and low-power consumption. Manufacturing process of 3D semiconductor with thinner wafer and capable of reducing process for electrical connection between wafers to be laminated inter alia in the process; A deep isolation trench extending from the main surface of a substrate to a desired depth is formed on the substrate with an insulating film in buried in it to form a through isolation portion. Subsequently after a MOSFET is formed on the main surface of the substrate an interlayer insulating film is deposited on the main surface of the substrate. Then a deep conduction trench extending from the upper surface of the interlayer insulating film to a depth within the thickness of the substrate is formed in a region surrounded by the through isolation potion. Subsequently a conductive film is buried in the deep conduction trench to the through isolation portion and the...

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