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110010: Improved Method for Producing Acetoxypropanoic Acid (APA)

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The increasing awareness of biodegradability and sustainability by customers creates opportunities for the biorenewable chemical industry. Biorenewable chemicals are expected to have a 25 percent share in the chemical industry (excluding fine chemicals) by the end of 2030. DescriptionMichigan State University’s invention uses lactic acid a biorenewable feedstock instead of a petroleum-based feedstock to produce 2-acetoxypropanoic acid (APA). APA is a polymer precursor necessary to produce acrylic acid a common bulk chemical used in a variety of applications. The process is more efficient facilitating a higher yield of the desired species-APA. As a result less feedstock is required. In addition dilute lactic acid can be used for this process which is less expensive than highly concentrated lactic acid.

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