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FTA: Designing ecosystem-based solutions for building urban resilience



Over the past 40 years, 33 extreme climate events have occurred in Lao PDR, the majority of which have been floods. The cumulative economic damage from these events amount to over $400 million USD. lt is predicted that these impacts will be exacerbated by climate change and urban areas in Laos are under particular threat from rainfall-related events. As flooding risks increase globally, it is becoming more and more apparent that natural drainage runs need to be preserved and enhanced, not destroyed. Engineered solutions require considerable capital investment and then require on-going maintenance. 

The Government of Lao PDR and UN Environment prepared a funding proposal for the Green Climate Fund 'Building resilience of urban populations with ecosystem-based solutions in Lao PDR'.

Requested CTCN Response

To contribute to the revision and re-submission of the proposal to the Green Climate Fund (economic analysis, engineering analysis, evaluation and communication)

Expected Results

•    Detailed mission plans for site visits 
•    Design mockups for 6 proposed interventions including topography, flood and residual flood risks
•    Analysis of potential pollution remediation issues

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