You're invited to a webinar on 29 July: Opportunity for Low-Emission transportation in South Asia, Pacific & African regions


As a step forward towards low carbon transformation, Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) in partnership with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Green Technology Centre, South Korea (GTC-K) organized a 4-day workshop on “Opportunity for Low-Emission transportation in South Asia , Pacific & African regions” from 20-23 June 2022 in New Delhi with a objective to conduct knowledge exchange and facilitate regional collaboration among countries on low-carbon transportation, also focusing on electric mobility, amongst the countries from the Asia Pacific and African region and industry experts from India and South Korea. The workshop facilitated participants from selected National Designated Entities (NDE) to undertake engagement with policymakers, automobile manufacturers, charging infrastructure developers, demand aggregators, researchers, electricity distribution experts, and other key stakeholders in the value chain.

The workshop was conducted in a hybrid format, and there were delegates from The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change, the Government of India, The Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) of the UNESCAP, as well as 10 participants from Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nauru, and few online. Different sessions of the workshop focussed on leveraging climate financing to scale low-emission transportation and exploiting smart technology in electric mobility. With a focus on manufacturing and technology, business and operational models, grid integration, leveraging climate funding, and smart technologies in mobility, many private sector industry experts provided their professional ideas and perspectives at the workshop. Participants also shared their experiences through discussions and presentations during the regional collaborative exercise. Participants gained real-time exposure through Industrial Visits at the Solar & Microgrid site, the Net Zero campus of TERI, Grid-connected Energy Storage systems and one of the largest rooftop plants in Delhi NCR under the Renewable Energy Service model. The visits have helped to promote the deployment of low-carbon transportation.

With this background, TERI is conducting a global webinar as a follow-up of the workshop, covering some of the best practices on low emission transport and disseminating the workshop's learnings and insights on 29th July 2022.

Date: 29th July (0930 am to 1030 am Indian Standard Time) | Time: 60 min

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Date: 29th July (0930 am to 1030 am Indian Standard Time) | Time: 60 min




Welcome Address

Mr. Girish Sethi, Program Director, TERI


Keynote Address

Dr. Clara Landeiro, Regional Manager Asia Pacific, CTCN


Case studies on “Opportunity for Low Emission Transportation in South Asia, Pacific & African regions”

  • Ms. Rywon Yang, GTC-Korea (Cases studies from Korea)
  • A representative by pManifold (Case studies from CTCN projects) *
  • A representative by Ola Mobility (Case studies from India)
  • Mr. Sivam Sabesan, Charin eV (Aspects of eV, Charging Infrastructure)


Outcomes of the workshop organized for NDEs on “Opportunity for Low Emission Transportation in South Asia, Pacific & African regions”

Ms. Christie Anil Joseph, Research Associate, TERI




Concluding Remarks

Dr. Clara Landeiro, Regional Manager Asia Pacific, CTCN

*To be confirmed

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