The World Bank seeking experts: Field Study on Quantifying and Measuring Climate, Health and Gender Co-Benefits from Clean Cooking Interventions


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To build the field experience and evidence of quantifying climate, health, and gender co-benefits from clean cooking interventions, the World Bank seeks to hire a consulting firm or consortium (Consultant) with a team of experts to review existing methodologies and field experience, and then design and conduct a field study to quantify and measure all three co-benefits (black carbon, health and gender) from selected clean cooking intervention(s). In particular, the selected consultant is expected to review and discuss the practical applications of the following methodologies for the field study, any available pilot/field experience, any alternatives, and limitations that should be highlighted, in the context of a Results-Based Financing approach:

•    On Black Carbon: Gold Standard Black Carbon Methodology (401.13 CR SLCP) (2015)

•    Health: Gold Standard 401.3 aDALYs Methodology for Cleaner Household Air (2017) and other methodologies which could be used in the field study to complement the aDALYs methodology and strengthen the evidence on health outcomes.

•    Gender: Gold Standard Gender Equality Guidelines (2017) and WOCAN/W+ Time Savings Methodology. Corroborating these approaches with other methods to measuring gender outcomes such as time saving, drudgery reduction etc. will be important.

Please note that submission of Express of Interest needs to be done through the World Bank eConsultant system (Selection # 1260720). The deadline for submission is Jan. 21. 

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