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Women in energy: Workshop on breaking stereotypes and inspiring change


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The Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) together with its Consortium partner the Energy and Resources Institution (TERI) has developed a framework for gender mainstreaming in the energy sector by identifying indicators and documenting evidences on women’s empowerment based case studies in key gender inclusive decentralized and centralized energy systems in South Asia focusing on two countries i.e. India and Nepal.

The framework was discussed together with the representatives from the different organizations from academia, consultancy, social enterprise, practitioners on energy and gender, students, etc. The objective of the workshop was to share the study findings and to facilitate broader discussion and gather views and suggestions on the developed strategy framework.

The participants noted, that women in the realm of energy are primarily viewed as consumers of energy, and less often as equal stakeholders for employment or decision-makers in energy supply and related services. Women face structural and cultural challenges and the lack of women in leadership positions in the energy sector leads to difficulty in understating their specific needs, designing of gender inclusive solutions, encouraging women to join and be retained in the sector, etc.

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