Webinar, CTCN work in Grenada: Improvement of water supply management

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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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Capacity building and training
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16th July 2020 10am-12noon EDT (UTC -4hr GMT)

CTCN Network member Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited in partnership with GISCAD Limited were appointed by the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) to undertake a project to support the operational work of the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) of Grenada.

Within the project, the following key tasks have been completed:

  • A detailed review of the existing digital and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) used by NAWASA to monitor and manage clean water resources;
  • Development of an implementation plan to enhance the structure and connectivity of digital monitoring systems used by NAWASA;
  • Undertaking a two-day learning visit with WASA in Trinidad during early October 2019;
  • Building the capacity of NAWASA staff to create and update an enhanced internal GIS system.  This has included the provision of training in QGIS mobile data capture; cloud-based database management and the creation of an initial web mapping portal; and
  • Collaborative development of new systems for the assessment of Non-Revenue Water (NRW)  across selected District Metered Areas (DMA) in Grenada


Please read about this project here. 

The implementers are holding an online webinar meeting which will provide an overview of project outcomes.  The meeting will also provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions during the webinar or to post these after the event. 

The webinar will be held here. 

If you are interested, please write an email to Neil Thurston before, so he can add you to the attendee list: [email protected]


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