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Vienna Energy Forum: Join the Virtual Series

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Renewable energy

The Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) Virtual Series is a sequence of virtual consultations assembled in anticipation of the 2021 Vienna Energy Forum. It is designed as a platform with the overarching goal of progressing recommendations and delivering policy briefs with action-oriented solutions in targeted locations. The Series will assist countries around the world to align their recovery efforts with an Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development.

Guided by the theme "Accelerating Energy Transition," the 2021 edition of the Series will explore the pathways that stimulate demand and promote economic recovery in three end-use sectors: food systems, industry and products—co-led by UNIDO, FAO, UNEP and SEforALL.

The October Edition launch dates are:
-October 7 Food System Track
-October 14 Industry Track
-October 21 Product Track

The culmination of the VEF Series will witness the launch of three global programmes addressing the needs of developing countries and emerging economies, and unlocking opportunities to pursue the energy nexus with the three end-use sectors.

Additionally, the outputs of the consultations will shape the discussions of the 2021 Vienna Energy Forum and feed into relevant events, including the SEforALL Forum, the High-level Political Forum, G20, COP26 and the High-level Dialogue on Energy.

Scheduled to produce eight virtual sessions per track, from October 2020 to May 2021, the VEF Virtual Series will gather selected representatives from the private sector, academia, think-tanks, NGOs, CSOs and Governments.

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