UNIDO call for proposals: Bio-waste minimization and valorization for low carbon production in rice sector in Vietnam


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United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is looking for member of the CTCN Network that can provide services related to Bio-waste minimization and valorization for low carbon production in rice sector in Vietnam.  

Drying/de-husking/milling are crucial post-harvest activities in the production of rice. Around 20% of the initial weight of the paddy remains in form of husks. Vietnam produced an estimated 44 million tons of paddy rice in 2013, with approximately 7 million tons of rice husks available in terms of a potentially usable biomass, noting that up to 15-20% of this amount is valorized within the rice mills themselves, mainly for the drying process. Rice husk is generally under- and unsystematically used or often dumped and burned. Rice husk therefore represents an enormous potential in terms of organic material to be used as an energy source. Recent development showed clearly, that in Vietnam and also in other Asian countries, the systematic economic valorization of rice husks has become key to boost productivity and tackle environmental issues at the same time.

There is a large potential for new or existing companies to produce fuels and/or energy from excess rice husks. The produced solid fuels in the form of pellets or briquettes could be used internally or be sold in the national or international market. Other technology alternatives have been explored such as pyrolysis and gasification for the production of solid, liquid and/or gas fuels. The different  business models need to be further assessed in order to select the optimal valorization routes of rice husks in Vietnam. The assessment of business models needs to include: technical, economic and sustainability aspects covering the complete chain (from feedstock production to product end use).

The CTCN assistance will provide technical support on the provision of a decision making tool for the analysis and selection of optimal valorization routes of rice husks, including product outlets such as: a) fuels (solid, liquid, gas) or b) heat and/or power. The tool analysis criteria will combine technical, economic and sustainability performance along the complete chain (from feedstock production to processing and end-product use). The tool validation will result in the selection of the optimal valorization route for a given company.  In the short term, it is expected that the CTCN technical assistance will support decision and investment in the rice sector enterprises (e.g. Song Hau Food Company). These investments will further result in the scaling-up of resource efficient and cleaner production technologies within other enterprises in the rice sector.

Complete Offer must be submitted via the UNIDO e-Procurement portal: https://procurement.unido.org/  by 31 March 2016, 17:00 Vienna, Austria time.

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