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UNFCCC Secretariat and CTCN launch support for NAMA Preparation


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UNFCCC Secretariat and CTCN launch support for NAMA Preparation

The UNFCCC secretariat and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) are collaborating to provide tailor made technical assistance for the preparation of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in developing countries.

Both organizations view this initiative as an exciting opportunity to significantly increase the potential contribution that developing countries can make to climate action by building their own clean energy futures with adequate support.

The result of the collaboration will be that the NAMA registry will play a more prominent role in highlighting those NAMAs which are ready to move from concept to the preparation phase. To maximize this opportunity, the UNFCCC secretariat is currently contacting each developing country’s representative and offering guidance as to how best to access the CTCN’s support for NAMA preparation. The CTCN has decided to make use of the information available in the registry when considering recipients for support.

However, this CTCN and UNFCCC secretariat initiative not only looks at NAMAs already submitted to the registry, but also invites developing countries to submit NAMA concepts to the registry in order to access the support offered. The support will be channeled to NAMAs through the CTCN Designated National Entities (NDE) of each applying country.

The CTCN is an implementation arm of the Technology Mechanism hosted by UNEP and UNIDO. It promotes the acceleration of environmentally sound plans for low carbon and climate resilient development through the provision of technology solutions, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks tailored to the needs of individual countries. The CTCN does not provide funding directly to countries, but instead supports the provision of technical assistance and capacity building provided by global experts. In some cases the CTCN can additionally play a matchmaking role with funding sources.

The NAMA registry was launched in Oct 2013. As a public online platform developed by the UNFCCC secretariat it allows developing countries to record NAMAs alongside international support required. The registry facilitates the matching of NAMAs with support by also recording information on support offered by various countries and organizations. To date, the NAMA registry contains 43 NAMAs seeking support for preparation which could potentially benefit from the CTCN’s package of services. All the information related to this new CTCN source of support available, can be accessed here. More background information on NAMAs and the registry is available here.


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Gopal Joshi, UNFCCC NAMA Registry. [email protected]

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