UNFCCC report: Summary of the Capacity-building Hub at COP25


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Source organisation
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Cross-sectoral enabler
Capacity building and training

The 2nd Capacity-building Hub took place over the course of seven thematic days, on December 4 - 11 at COP25, in Madrid. 

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) together with the Paris Committee on Capacity-building hosted the Means of Implementation Day. The Day highlighted opportunities for countries to build capacity to implement their NDCs and NAPs. Successfully implementing climate change plans requires a wide range of capacities: developing projects, creating supportive legislation, accessing finance, and utilizing the right technologies. The Means of Implementation Day presented seven events spanning these essential aspects of climate action implementation, which was attended by over 300 participants. 

The summary provides a brief overview on the following aspects of the 2nd Capacity-building Hub: event statistics, a focus on the thematic days, recurring topics during discussions, and feedback received from organizers and participants in their evaluation of the 2nd Capacity-building Hub.

The report is now available here: http://tiny.cc/cb2report.

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