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The Asia Regional Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Clinic is a 4-part virtual event series designed as a platform to present common challenges faced by Asian countries when implementing NDC actions at the sector level. It is run as a series of clinic sessions, with support from regional and international experts, where technical sectoral issues can be presented and discussed in order to identify policy, technological and financial solutions.

This event series is held under the global project “NDC Action – Facilitating Implementation of Climate Resilient and Low Carbon Development Aligned with National and Global Goals”, supported by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) and implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP). The event series are jointly organized with the NDC Partnership.

The first three sessions of the virtual event series are structured based on a grouping of sectors selected by the three Asian countries under the abovementioned NDC Action Project. These high mitigation and adaptation potential sectors, already documented in respective countries’ NDCs, were proposed by countries as decision makers see the urgency to ramp up both policy and investment efforts so their potentials on addressing changing climate can be achieved. The final topic of the series dives deeper into the role of financing with a focus on supporting Asian developing countries to improve their financial capacity to mobilize resources for climate actions.

Taking place between December 2021 and February 2022, each session will be a 2-hour virtual event open to participation from all stakeholder groups, in particular sector level regulators, policy makers, financial institutions and private sector who are searching for effective policy metrics and business models for mitigation and adaptation purposes.

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The 2nd session of the 4-Part Asia Regional Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Clinic Virtual Event Series will take place on Tuesday, 25 January, 1400-1600 (GMT+7 time zone). It will provide a dedicated platform to discuss policies, financing opportunities and effective collaboration to promote energy efficiency deployment in the use of appliances with a focus in the industries. It will bring together country policy makers, practitioners, as well as global, regional, and national experts from the fields of renewable energy, climate finance and regional cooperation.

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