UN Environment app helps coastal communities adapt to climate change


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Source organisation
United Nations Environment Programme
Coastal zones

UN Environment has launched a web app and infographic to support people living and working on coasts in making decisions on how to adapt to a changing climate.

Rising populations and climate change are increasing sea level, storm intensity and rainfall. The Coastal Hazard Wheel can be used to consider how different coastal societies should respond.

The web app opens up access to scientific background material and coastal classification data, in order to aid decision-making and standardise its communication worldwide.

An infographic assists in areas with less data by helping users classify their location using things like local geology, tides and hazards like flooding and erosion. It gives 24 different options for coastal management, including wetland restoration and cliff stabilisation.

“The system can be used as a complete coastal language and aims to boost adaptation action for the 1 billion people living in coastal areas worldwide, bridging the gap between scientists, policy-makers and the general public”, said Dr Lars Rosendahl Appelquist, Head of the Coastal Hazard Wheel platform.

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