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UN Climate Technology Centre and Network’s Advisory Board approves Third Programme of Work for 2023-2027 at its 20th meeting

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The Advisory Board of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) approved key decisions at its 20th meeting in Bonn, Germany, on 12-14 September, paving the way for the first ever joint Technology Mechanism Work Programme to be launched at COP27 together with the CTCN’s sister body, the Technology Executive Committee (TEC).

“The board passed the well-conceived five-year Programme of Work as well as the 2023 Operating Plan, among other important decisions. This is a positive indication that developing countries who look to the CTCN for technology support related to implementation of adaptation & mitigation objectives are bound to benefit,” stated the CTCN’s Board Chair, Moses Omedi Jura of Kenya.

Following statements by the CTCN’s host country, Denmark (represented by the Danish Foreign Ministry), and the CTCN’s host agency, the United Nations Environment Programme, the new CTCN Programme of Work (2023-2027) was presented. The Programme was developed following an unprecedented global consultation process which sought the input of key stakeholders, including Advisory Board members, National Designated Entities, Network Members, and UNFCCC Constituencies and Constituted Bodies, among others.

“I must say I am extremely proud of all that we accomplished these past two weeks. This was really the culmination of a year’s worth of work responding to the COP26 decisions in Glasgow. We established a new strategy for the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement processes to strengthen international cooperation on climate technologies to accelerate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience. This new program will guide the work of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and the United Nations Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) for the next five years,” commented Vice-Chair, Erwin Rose of the United States.

The main objectives of the CTCN Programme of Work are to build on the CTCN’s mandate, including Technology Framework goals of the Paris Agreement, by introducing five priority areas (water-energy-food nexus, buildings and resilient infrastructure, electromobility, energy systems, and business and industry) to be informed and fostered by two recognized enablers of technological deployment and transfer, namely national systems of innovation and digitalization.

As part of the Advisory Board meeting, a joint TEC-CTCN session addressed matters pertaining to the full Technology Mechanism, where members of both bodies provided reflections on synergies between the two bodies, as well as the implementation of joint activities for 2022-2023, including those addressing gender and technology; technology and NDCs; monitoring and evaluation; and joint communication and outreach. TEC and CTCN members then turned to the TEC-CTCN Chapter of the 2022 Joint Annual Report and the Technology Mechanism Work Programme, both of which were endorsed.

For CTCN Advisory Board 20th meeting documents and presentations, please visit here. 

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