Training for Pakistan: Developing project proposals to access climate finance (photo gallery)


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Asian Institute of Technology
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CTCN Consortium partner, the Asian Institute of Technology, is conducting a training programme for selected 25 stakeholders from Pakistan on developing bankable project proposals in order to access climate finance from the Green Climate Fund (GCF).  Government officials have gathered in Thailand and are discussing project ideas in the water, agriculture, forestry and waste-to-energy sectors. 

“We are finalizing Technology Action Plans in Pakistan and the next step would be to convert  these plans into project ideas and bankable projects. This training module is very vital to enhance the capacities of relevant government departments. I am expecting that after this training participants will improve their understanding of the Green Climate Fund process and they will be in position to act as master trainers for in-country capacity development activities with the regard to the GCF processes”, says Mr. Imran Khan, the representative of the Pakistan National Designated Entity's office.   

It is expected that participants will improve their understanding of the operational procedures and policies of the GCF; and enhance their knowledge about the process of project concept development and steps towards project approval. Several groups of participants will develop outlines of GCF project concept notes during the training and will enhance their capacity to further develop these GCF concepts and disseminate their learning to relevant colleagues following completion of the programme.

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