CTCN in Swaziland: Building capacity for climate change science


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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Capacity building and training

Though Swaziland is experiencing the impacts of climate change, its civil society has a relatively low awareness of climate change issues. Moreover, climate change is not currently being adequately entrenched into NGO activities.

The Climate Technology Centre and Network is assisting Swaziland to entrench climate change into NGO activities. The CTCN Consortium partner UNEP-DTU Partnership together with the Ministry Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Meteorology Department, and the Coordinating Assembly of NGOs organized a workshop which aimed at strengthening  engagement of civil society in planning and implementing climate technology strategies. The workshop was attended by 50 participants from the civil society participants. 

The  workshop helped to  build  awareness  about  climate  change  science  as  well  as  mitigation  and  adaptation,  Nationally  Determined  Contributions  (NDC)  for  Swaziland  amongst  civil society,  participants also worked  on  development  of  proposals  and  possible  sources  of  funding, discussed the creation  of  the  'Civil  Society  Climate Change Task Team' and strategy development.

Photo gallery from the workshop


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