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Climate Technology Centre and Network

The UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Initiative (WIPO), the Northeast Water Innovation Network (NEWIN), and InvenTrust are inviting to join an innovation competition to address two key challenges, essential in pathways to a global, safe, and sustainable future:

• Energy Efficient Water Desalination

• Eliminating Leakage in Water Distribution

If you participate in the competition, you will join a special group of innovators around the globe who are projecting their innovation prowess among a select network of thought leaders, influencers, experts, and investors in Water. Support from the UNFCCC’s Climate Technology and Network also provides options to gain visibility for your capability in fast-growing emerging markets that may be difficult for you to reach otherwise. Through WIPO Green you will be able to find partners, showcase your solutions, and tap into IP expertise. You will also be able to leverage NEWIN’s resources which brings together the largest network of innovation oriented organizations in North America.

  • Register through FREE.
  • Review the Open Challenges, the Official Rules of Engagement, and Timeline for submissions. The Challenges Start on Feb 13 with a March 27, 2018 deadline for registering.
  • Submit your ideas for the Open Challenges and any suggestions for Sponsors who would be interested in the Challenges.
  • Feel free to suggest Open Challenges that your organization may be interested in sponsoring.

Steps to register:

  1.  Open the webpage
  2.  Click on Login (upper right corner)
  3.  Click on “Click here to Register” in the Login page (bottom of pop up screen)
  4.  The registration form opens and the participant enters information to register
  5.  An email will be sent to the address mentioned during registration process. Click on the link provided in that email  to activate your account.


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