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New Publication: Developing Effective Off-Grid Lighting Policy - Guidance Note for Governments in Africa


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UNEP released a policy guide "Developing Effective Off-Grid Lighting Policy - Guidance Note for Governments in Africa", which promotes effective policies to accelerate clean & sustainable Off-Grid Lighting solutions.

The policy guide can be accessed directly via


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)-Global Environment Facility (GEF) en.lighten initiative was established in 2009 to accelerate a global market transformation to environmentally sustainable, energy efficient lighting technologies, as well as to develop strategies to phase-out inefficient incandescent lamps to reduce CO2 emissions and the release of mercury from fossil fuel combustion.

The en.lighten initiative serves as a platform to build synergies among international stakeholders; identify global best practices and share this knowledge and information; create policy and regulatory frameworks; address technical and quality issues; and encourage countries to develop National and/or Regional Efficient Lighting Strategies.

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