New CTCN/UNIDO Call for Proposals: Improvement of water supply management in Grenada (deadline extended)


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As a small island developing state, Grenada is one of the world’s most at-risk countries for climate change. The island experienced two major drought events in 2010 and 2012 which significantly affected the water supply and decreased during the peak time up to 75% of the normal production of certain water supply systems in Grenada. Grenada seeks to improve its limited technical resources in regard to its capacities for the establishment of a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - based monitoring and control system for water loss reduction and leakage detection with the aim to efficiently and effectively reduce the currently high levels of Non Revenue Water (NRW). The Climate Technology Centre is seeking proposals for the technical assistance project:

Improvement of water supply management through GIS-based monitoring and control system for water loss reduction. Deadline: 29 November 2018, 17:00 Vienna, Austria time.

The completed offer must be submitted via the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) e-Procurement portal Please refer to documents below for complete terms of reference and bidding information.

Please note: In the event that your institution is not yet a CTCN network member,  you may bid for implementation of the technical assistance, subject to the condition that you submit your completed application for CTC Network membership before the bid closure and your application is acknowledged by the CTCN. Furthermore, the contract award – should your bid be selected – is conditional to your network membership application having been successfully approved by the Director of CTCN. Should the bidder decide to partner with another institution to deliver the services described in these Terms of Reference, it is expected that the partner institution also joins the CTC Network.

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