New course online: Green Industrial Policy


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Launched 15 July 2020 (Self-paced)

Online (UNITAR's UN CC:e-Learn Platform)

Industrial policy—or strategic government measures to promote new economic sectors and accelerate structural change—has traditionally been employed to enhance productivity and boost economic growth. Today, green industrial policy follows this same approach of state-driven structural change to accelerate the shift of resource- and carbon-intensive sectors onto greener trajectories. By drawing from recent examples of green industrial policy, countries can generate the benefits of traditional industrial policy approaches—competitiveness, growth, and new jobs—while also positioning themselves to tackle greater environmental challenges ahead.

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy’s (PAGE) new course on Green Industrial Policy is designed to advance learning on green industrial policy at a high technical level. First, the course can provide individual users—policymakers, or those otherwise interested or engaged in green industrial policymaking—with the knowledge and tools needed to foster green, structural change. Second, a range of didactic instruments offered by the course—including short video lectures, curated readings, podcasts, factsheets, and assessments—can be integrated into existing instructional activities by lecturers, trainers, and other learning practitioner’s as they teach the green leaders of tomorrow.

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