New Chair and Vice-Chair appointed for Climate Technology Centre and Network Advisory Board

New Chair and Vice-Chair appointed for Climate Technology Centre Advisory Board

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Climate Technology Centre and Network


Copenhagen, Denmark – 24 April 2024 – The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) announces the appointment of Fred Onduri from Uganda as the new Chair of its Advisory Board, succeeding Erwin Rose of the United States. Stephen Minas of Greece has been elected as the new Vice-Chair to support Fred Onduri in leading the CTCN Advisory Board in 2024. These appointments concluded the agenda of this week’s Advisory Board meeting held in Copenhagen.

Both appointments were well-received by the Advisory Board members and the CTCN's partner organizations, acknowledging their capacity to foster innovation, promote partnerships, and engage with global and national leaders in climate adaptation, technology, and financing, particularly in developing countries.

The Advisory Board meeting[1] commenced with a joint session of the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and CTCN, where updates on the progress of the TEC-CTCN Joint Programme of Work were shared. Key areas of focus included the Green Technology Database, #AI4ClimateAction, Monitoring and Evaluation, and the Gender and Climate Technology Expert Roster, there was a collective call to address enhanced support to National Designated Entities (NDEs) and the effective implementation of Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) outcomes, recognizing these as crucial elements to increase the effectiveness and visibility of CTCN.

Following the joint session, the Advisory Board meeting addressed key agenda items such as progress on Programme of Work implementation, resource mobilization, communication and outreach, gender initiatives, and monitoring and evaluation. Additionally, the 23rd AB meeting endorsed the revised CTCN prioritization criteria for assessing technical assistance requests.

Reflecting on the meeting and their new roles, Fred Onduri emphasized the importance of supporting the CTCN's mission, highlighting the collective effort needed to drive positive change globally. 

"In embracing our new roles, we must rally behind the CTCN's mission, recognizing that it's through collective effort that we can truly catalyze positive change on a global scale," said Fred Onduri.

Stephen Minas echoed this sentiment, underlining the significance of enhancing CTCN collaborations and partnerships that “truly harness the potential of technology development and transfer to deliver the climate action the world needs." 


The 23rd Advisory Board meeting video recording and presentations can be found here.

The CTCN Secretariat operates within its terms of reference and is accountable to, and under the guidance of, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) through an Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board of the CTCN determines its operational modalities and rules of procedure based on the functions outlined in decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 123. The Constitution of the Advisory Board was agreed upon at COP 18 and amended at COP 26.

[1] The meeting took place on April 19-24, 2024, and convened members from Annex 1 and Non-Annex 1, UNFCCC bodies representatives, UNFCCC non-governmental constituencies, COP28 Presidency and COP29 incoming Presidency as well as key stakeholders, NDEs, and observers.


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