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The World Biogas Association (WBA) is organizing the World Biogas eFestival, which will take place 18-21 May.

The World Biogas eFestival is a series of online interactive presentations by an international line-up of eminent speakers sharing their expertise and facilitated networking to achieve the common goal of:

  • highlighting the use of biogas worldwide,
  • sharing best practice,
  • discussing new innovations,
  • understanding the barriers preventing growth and policy contexts,
  • identifying potential solutions,
  • addressing questions around technological challenges and opportunities.~


The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) will attend the following session:

Incorporating biogas into climate action plans

21 May, 14:15-16:15 BST/15:15-17:15 CEST

Signatories to the Paris Climate Agreement must publish action plans on how they intend to deliver their emissions targets. Biogas can contribute to net zero emissions. This session will explore the role of major international organisations in encouraging their members (including nations and cities) to develop their climate policies, for example treating food waste, farm wastes and sewage, to prevent methane emissions, displace fossil fuels, and produce renewable biofertilizer.


  • David Newman, President World Biogas Association, Chair
  • Tomoo Machiba, Deputy Director, UN Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN)
  • Ricardo Cepeda-Márquez, Technical Lead - Food, Water & Waste Programme, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
  • Sandra Mazo-Nix, Coordinator - Waste Initiative, Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Secretariat
  • CTCN Case Study: Jaime Martí Herrero, Universidad regional Amazónica Ikiam (Ecuador) and International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE, Spain)  “Biogas technology applications for small and medium farmers in Latin America”


The full programme here:

The participants from the CTCN Network need to request the participation to: [email protected]. The participation is free of charge.

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