Feasibility Study: Catalysing low cost green technologies for sustainable water service delivery in Kenya


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Climate Technology Centre and Network

Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) through the National Designated Entity (NDE), Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI), requested support from the Climate Technology Center Network to  catalyse low cost technologies for sustainable water service delivery in Northern Kenya. The objective of the technical assistance is to analyse the technical, economic and social potential of three selected green technologies (water pans, solar and wind) for water supply in rural and peri-urban areas. 

The present study examines the performance and barriers associated with the technologies and suggest necessary measures to enhance their performance. Assessing the applicability and viability of technologies is critical towards improving water supply especially in the underserved areas. The key findings emanating from this study will inform the water sector in Kenya and especially WSTF on the potential of the selected technologies and their deployment to guarantee sustainability of the water supply. 

The findings are categorised according to: the water and climate risk, capacity and prevalence of technology, preference and equity, capital, operation and maintenance cost, market risk and public-private partnership potential. A final chapter is dedicated to recommendations. 

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