CTCN/UNIDO Call for Proposals: Saline water purification and low-cost durable housing technologies for coastal areas of Bangladesh


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The Climate Technology Centre is seeking proposals for the technologies for saline water purification at household level and low-cost durable housing for coastal areas of Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, due to sea-level rise, saline water intrusion in the coastal areas is increasing significantly while fresh water flow from the upper riparian countries is gradually decreasing. As a result, most of the land areas there are becoming saturated with saline water, and potable water is becoming more scarce. Collecting fresh water is becoming a major task for the women and children in poor households. Technical assistance is required to install desalination plants or other desalination technologies at affordable prices in the households. 

Low-cost climate resilient housing is another important issue concerning the coastal people of Bangladesh. The houses made of low quality materials can not last long. The durability of structures built using local sand, bricks and saline water is very poor. Low-cost salinity-proof structures are essential for the poor communities living along the coastal belt.

The objective of the CTCN Technical Assistance is to support the climate vulnerable coastal areas of Bangladesh with the identification and introduction of household level desalination technique(s) as well as low-cost salinity proofed housing option(s) in coastal areas of Bangladesh.

The Contractor is expected to produce the following outputs:

•    CTCN Response Plan designed

•    District stakeholders engaged in the process

•    The most promising and low-cost domestic climate resilient housing technology solutions for the local conditions are identified and prioritized

•    The most promising and low-cost technologies for purification of saline water at household level are identified and prioritized

•    Building capacities of communities on proposed technology solutions through training, testing and piloting

•    Support to identifying financing opportunities to upscale deployment of technologies identified

•    Final report

The completed offer must be submitted via the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) e-Procurement portal  https://procurement.unido.org  by 19 September 2017, 17:00 Vienna, Austria time.  Please refer to documents below for complete terms of reference and bidding information. 

Please note: In the event that your institution is not yet a CTCN  network  member,  you  may  bid  for  implementation  of  the  technical  assistance,  subject  to  the  condition  that  you  submit  your  completed  application  for CTC Network membership before the bid closure and the same is acknowledged by the CTCN. Furthermore, the contract award – should your bid be selected – is conditional to your network membership application having been successfully approved by the Director of CTCN. Should the bidder decide to partner with another institution to deliver the services described in these Terms of Reference, it is expected that the partner institution also joins the CTC Network.

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