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Climate Technology Centre and Network

10 new institutions joined the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) in December. Through its Network, the CTCN mobilises policy and technical expertise to deliver technology solutions, capacity building and implementation advice to developing countries. The Centre also serves as a platform for Network members to share their solutions and experience via the CTCN Knowledge Portal, Network member hosted webinars, relevant trainings, networking and events such as the CTCN Regional Forums.

New Climate Technology Network members include:

  • Mitiga Solutions. Mitiga Solutions (Mitiga) is a firm specialized in evaluating and mitigating the impacts of social and natural hazards (volcanic eruptions, wildfires, etc.) with both a single- and multi- hazard perspectives. Mitiga develops and commercializes, amongst others, products to quantify natural and social hazard risks in order to improve preparedness and response plans and actions, assets insurability and urban and societal resilience.
  • Extractives Baraza, Strathmore University. Extractives Baraza is a multisector advocacy-neutral public platform, hosted at the Strathmore Extractives Industry Centre based at Strathmore University, which aims to facilitate access to information and foster meaningful stakeholder engagement in the extractives industry in Kenya and the broader African region. Extractives Baraza works to challenge perceptions, redefine stakeholder engagement practices in Africa’s extractives sector and promote evidence based and impact driven research. 
  • Impact Water Solutions. IWS is a South African-based Project Developer and Integrator offering a wide range of Independent Water Producer services across the African continent with a core offering of “Clean Water with Clean Energy”, encapsulating the desire to become the “Water Utility of Tomorrow”. We assess, develop, finance, build and operate decentralised water infrastructure whilst maximising the potential of solar energy, respecting the environment and with flexible project delivery and service models.
  • Korea National University of Transportation Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation. We are an industry-academic cooperation support organization established in accordance with government regulations to share various applied technologies and experiences created by universities with industries and to contribute to the exchange of high-tech information with other organizations. We are actively promoting research and human resource development projects to provide infrastructure and human networks that can meet the needs of people and organizations around the world. In particular, the door is always open to help joint research and solve challenges with our expert professors, reaserchers, and staff.
  • WaterSprint Limited. WaterSprint is an independent knowledge company active where water, climate and agriculture domains meet IT innovations. Our experts aim to work without boundaries and provide fast-track delivery of their services and products to their partners and clients worldwide to achieve joint mandate of safeguarding the finite [natural] resources of the world. It has been created by a group of seasoned hydrologists, geohydrologists, geologists, river morphologists, project / water managers and practitioners belonging to different geographical boundaries and having diversified experience on their profiles.
  • EML Consultants PLC. EML is a listed consultancy company in Colombo Stock Exchange and was established in March 1993 to provide short and long term technical and management consultancy services to the Public, private, corporate and NGO sectors in Sri Lanka and worldwide. EML operates in a wide spectrum of areas including institutional development and management, human resources with environmental management and engineering, natural resources management, governance, water resources development, irrigation, solid waste management, water supply, sanitation/wastewater disposal, community participatory planning, project management and financial management.
  • Trust Consulting Engineers Private Limited. TCE’s activities cover the fields of construction engineering,highway engineering, hydraulic works and sanitary engineering, agriculture and rural development, transportation infrastructure, rural and urban planning, community facilities, industry and energy. Services provided range from resource investigations, development plans, feasibility studies, and preliminary and detailed design to works supervision and technical assistance.

    Clients include private organizations, individuals, churches and it’s our objective that we widen our cliental base to public agencies at all levels of government and financing institutions.
  • Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd. The Satellite Applications Catapult is at the heart of the satellite services revolution, driving take-up of space technology and applications to shape, and sustain, the world of tomorrow. We’re driven by how our actions help the organisations we work with, both large and small, bring new services to market. By connecting industry and academia we get new research off the ground and into the market more quickly. We are one of nine Catapults, uniquely established to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and to help drive future economic growth. We help organisations make use of, and benefit from, satellite tech.
  • ALLSWELL Co.,Ltd. ALLSWELL is a special retrofitting company with guarantee conditions by various own "air flow control" technology. We have various retrofit engineering references for energy efficiency and facility performance improvement at various fields.
  • Barranquilla+20 Foundation We have organized initiatives since 2012 working on the strategic lines of climate change, biodiversity, and water and on the transversal lines of education, empowerment, governance, and planning. We are moved by the rescue of local knowledge and intergenerational equity to build resident cities and territories with low GHG emissions.

Join the Network

The CTCN actively seeks Network members from all geographic regions with an array of sector experience. The membership is cost-free. To facilitate the Network application process, the CTCN has recently launched an online Network application form.

If you have any inquiries in submitting the application, please contact Daye Eom, CTCN Network Specialist ([email protected]) for support.

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