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The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) participated at the virtual workshop on the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) revision and enhancement in the Pacific. The event was held by the Regional Pacific NDC Hub and  it was attended by 15 countries to increase the knowledge and understanding of NDC enhancement—the what, why and how.

The CTCN shared experiences from selected technical assistance projects in the Pacific Island Countries. The objective of the presentation was to share experience on how its projects are addressing the cross cutting issues related to climate technologies through an integrated approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation. From the CTCN experience, it was noted that there three major issues that the climate technologies can offer solutions to:

  •   Energy security as those countries are heavily relying on imported fuel for energy, high energy costs lead to expensive operations and impact the quality of services particularly by utilities like Water Authority
  •  Being land locked small island developing states, the Pacific Island Countries deal with low availability of fresh water and extreme weather conditions makes them vulnerable to climate risks
  • Due to extreme remoteness, small size, geographic dispersion, and environmental fragility, the region with low economies of scale has limited local skills and capacities


The National Designated Entity (NDE) of Solomon Islands, Mr. Hudson Kauhiona acknowledged the CTCN’s technical assistance project to the municipal water authority in the Solomon Islands: beyond reducing the energy cost and GHG emissions by conducting energy audits and recommending on energy efficiency measures, the support strengthen the access to water through affordability, quality of water supply and improved sanitation by reducing operation cost. He further added that the project will leverage private sector engagement in the Solomon Islands and such interventions can be learnt and replicated in other countries as well.   

The Chair of Pacific NDC Hub and High-Level Government official representative from Palau, Mr. Tutti Chilton appreciated the CTCN work on ocean energy technologies in Nauru which creates triple impact: first, energy security by producing clean energy from ocean energy to replace the expensive imported fuel; second, water security by integrating desalination plant with ocean thermal energy conversion technology to increase the availability of fresh water; and third, food security by promoting aquaculture/ pisciculture in the nutrient rich water generated as the by-product of the ocean thermal energy conversion plant.

Please see the presentation by the CTCN here. 


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