CTCN vacancy: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Specialist, Latin America & Caribbean


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) is seeking a Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Specialist, Latin America & Caribbean (LAC).

In this position, the specialist will provide services for the operationalization of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) and will work in close coordination with the CTCN Director and the Regional Manager in the Latin America and Caribbean region. 

Objectives of the Assignment

Objective 1: Ensure sound coordination and high quality of responses delivered by the CTCN in Latin America and Caribbean Region by .


- Reviewed requests submitted by countries to the CTCN and relevant recommendations

- Ensured compliance with work plan timelines and deliverable schedules.

- Improved quality of the Recommendations on the quality of deliverables, including completion reports by following the guidance from the M&E framework

Objective 2: Strengthen capacities of National Designated Entities and, Network members and other stakeholders on climate technologies by.


- Drafting concept notes and materials for regional CTCN capacity building activities, including data mining of the implementation of the same.

- Establishing and developing strong relationships with NDEs and new relationships with regional players active in Latin America and Caribbean Region.

- Identifying relevant regional events at which CTCN activities would be profiled and representing CTCN in regional and national events and platforms.

Objective 3: Ensure effective implementation of regional collaborative activities and additional partnership opportunities through:


-    Reviewed Technology Needs Assessments, Nationally Determined Contributions and relevant national plans in Latin America and Caribbean Countries.

- Improved and stronger relationship of CTCN with key partners: focal points (National Designated Entities), consortium partners and network members.

-    Developed Climate Technology Network through identification and introduction of applications of possible CTC Network service provider members from Latin America and Caribbean Region.

- Drafted concept notes on collaboration between the CTCN and other stakeholders (universities, private sector, donors, etc.);

In particular, he/she will: 

  • Provide inputs on technical assistance request prioritization, refinement and guidance on day-to-day management for delivery of the technical assistance. 

  • Facilitate CTCN Response Plan development and review project documents for quality assurance and control in collaboration with client countries and sector experts. 

  • Promote and facilitate capacity building, knowledge management, and communication activities on climate technologies. 

  • Lead the organization and preparation of CTCN networking activities such as the CTNC regional Forum, trainings, networking events, CTCN national consultative processes, and other events and activities planned by CTCN

  • Manage relationships with National Designated Entities and develop new partnerships with regional players in LAC.

  • Collaborate closely with Consortium Partners and Network Members engagement for delivery of CTCN technical assistance, including monitoring and evaluation.

  • Provide support to the CTCN Knowledge Management team by creating synergies between exiting regional web-based knowledge sharing platforms and CTCN web-based knowledge management systems

  • Prepare monthly activity plans and progress reports 

The Specialist will contribute to the following deliverables:

  • Liaise with the National Designated Entities and project proponents and provide feedback on potential requests for technical assistance as per the CTCN mandate and strategic interest.

  • Technical review and recommendations on the design of CTCN response plans (ToRs) are prepared.

  • Review and quality assurance of deliverable reports provided by CTCN implementers is undertaken. 

  • Drafting of ToR for agreements and tendering documents.

  • Evaluation of technical proposals submitted by the partners.

  • Review and quality assurance of Monitoring & Evaluation and closure reports is undertaken.

  • Preparation of Readiness proposals for the Green Climate Fund and other windows of climate financing. 

  • Preparation of materials needed for Regional Forum, training, networking events, CTCN National consultative process, and other regional events organized by CTNC 

The position requires someone living in Latin Caribbean Region (LCR), therefore only applicants living in the region will be considered for the post.

The deadline for applications: 13 September 2021

For more information please visit here.


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