CTCN in Thailand: Strengthening Bangkok’s Flood Warning System


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
Early warning and Environmental assessment

When a World Bank report on Climate Risks and Adaptation in Asian Coastal Megacities indicated that Bangkok must undertake proactive measures to address increased flooding risks as an integral part of urban planning, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration asked the CTCN for assistance. 

The CTCN drew on the technical expertise of the UNEP-DHI Centre on Water and the Environment and the guidance of Thailand’s National Designated Entity to design an urban flood early warning system for a high risk catchment within the Bangkok Metro area. The initiative includes technology transfer, a demonstration programme and capacity building.

The warning system will provide:

  • information on flood risk zones by means of web and mobile platforms
  • empowerment of  BMA staff with warning management skills and competences
  • proposed methods to expand the system to a citywide warning platform
  • dissemination of findings to other relevant cities and organizations in the region.

This technical assistance will have impact on resilience of life and livelihoods: increased safety for the 500,000 Bangkok residents living in targeted flood zone, improved routing of transportation, reduced loss of economic productivity and property due to flooding.

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