CTCN supported Iran in developing the country’s first photovoltaic cell and solar panel manufacturing plant


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Iran requested support from the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) to assess country's current solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity and suggest recommendations how to construct a medium sized solar photovoltaic plant.  This project has the potential to contribute to substantial GHG emission reductions and manufacturing of renewable energy technologies.

As mentioned by the Ministry of Energy of Iran, together with Iran Renewable Energy Organization and Noursun Energy, the country has high potential for solar irradiation and prospects for supply of materials for solar cell production, but was in need of technical assistance for design and manufacturing of advanced solar cells. There are Iranian companies engaged with manufacturing of solar PV equipment and components but with limited efficiency of equipment and national market shares.

The CTCN together with Consortium Partner Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands proposed activities for the Iranian stakeholders to move towards building the country’s first solar PV cell and solar panel manufacturing plant. The experts assessed current PV production capacity,  that need to be resolved to establish a striving PV industry in Iran. They prepared a study on the supporting drivers provided by the Iranian government; a gap analysis to define the necessary technology level for production of PV cells and panels; as well as advised on solar cell type to be produced locally including a solar cell and panel roll out scenario.

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