CTCN in South Africa: Substantial GHG emissions reduction in the cement industry


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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South Africa is committed to reduce global climate change while stimulating sustainable development and green growth.   The cement industry of South Africa is assessing energy conservation technologies, including waste heat recovery and innovative technologies to utilise alternative resources and provide safe carbon capture with a low marginal GHG abatement cost.  

The CTCN technical assistance is providing expertise to examine both economic and technical viability of introducing the hybrid system to the sector. The analysis also includes reviewing the cost effectiveness of the hybrid system by estimating the marginal abatement costs in order to develop a business plan for a bench-scale project and demonstration project using concrete sludge and exhaust gas emitted from existing cement kilns. The final goal of the assistance is to provide guidance for the hybrid technology deployment in the country. 

It is estimated that the hybrid system could yield a 5-10% reduction in CO2 emissions from the cement industry if fully implemented across the sector. The utilisation of wastes from concrete products manufacturers and other concrete wastes will deliver benefits in terms of waste management and resource recycling.

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