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CTCN in Seychelles: Formulating a national electricity grid code


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Seychelles needs a unified grid code in order to standardize all the connections to the grid. Until recently, all the electricity in Seychelles was generated by the Public Utilities Corporation using diesel generators. As part of the strategy to transition to 100% renewable energy, regulations have been amended to allow for grid-tied renewable energy systems (RES) and the creation of independent power producers (IPPs). This is a rapidly growing sector but is limited by a number of factors, one of which is grid stability.  

CTCN assistance in Seychelles:

  • Review present practice for RES connectivity and single out the stakeholders that have been involved so far in grid connection;
  • Define short term and long term requirements for the energy system;
  • Define a technology road map; grid technology that can be applied from now to 2030;
  • Future policies road map;
  • Define a national grid code for Seychelles.

The formulation of a national electricity grid code will enable private sector electricity producers to connect more easily to the grid. This will reduce the risks for potential investors and encourage the use of more renewable energy.


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