CTCN in Senegal: Innovative Technology Collaboration to Improve Energy Efficiency & Competitiveness (photos)


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The Climate Technology Centre and Network together with its partners, ENDA (Senegal), Sofies (Switzerland) and CTCN co-host, the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), presented the results of their two recent technology transfer projects in Senegal at a workshop in Dakar.  The projects were initiated at the request of the Senegalese government, who asked CTCN to introduce innovative technologies to help Senegalese industries implement energy efficient solutions and better utilize waste, while at the same time improving competitiveness and productivity.

In response to Senegal´s request, the CTCN harnessed the expertise of its global network of partners to identify relevant co-generation and tri-generation technologies that utilize waste or alternative fuels for energy generation across a broad range of industries.

“Revealing information on appropriate technologies is a challenge. This technical assistance helped not only to increase the national technical expertise, but also to enhance endogenous knowledge”, said Mr. Victor Djemba, UNIDO Representative for Senegal.

In addition to these energy efficiency efforts, Senegal´s national development strategy aims to develop eco-industrial hubs, such as Diamniadio park located southeast of Dakar. To support this process, the CTCN team is working to improve resource productivity and reduce pollution in the parks by proposing integrated systems that enable waste from one company to be turned into a productive resource for use by another business, creating a form of industrial symbiosis.  Identifying the right mix of industries and mapping potential by-product use helps to optimize the park´s efficient use of resources and could serve as a model for other countries in the region.

The results of the technology transfer were shared with private sector and government representatives at the workshop, and working groups further developed concrete recommendations for the future.

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