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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) is seeking experts for the following technical assistance project:

Monitoring system of adaptation measures in the water sector, analysis of barriers and financial sustainability for its implementation in Peru

Deadline: 30 November 2021

Peru’s updated NDC, submitted in 2020, has progressed in its formulation of more concrete adaptation measures. These are accompanied by indicators, goals and implementation deadlines for each prioritized thematic area, including agriculture, forests, fisheries and aquaculture, health and water. These adaptation measures have indicators for short (2021) and medium (2025) term goals. Peru’s regulations of the Framework Law on Climate Change establish a System for the Monitoring of Adaptation and Mitigation measures, and the Ministry of the Environment, through the General Directorate of Climate Change and Desertification, has developed a roadmap for the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation measures composed of four phases: i) analysis, ii) design, iii) development, and iv) implementation. The Directorate has prioritized the water sector going forward to continue advancing the establishment of the monitoring and evaluation component.

The establishment of a monitoring system for adaptation actions is essential to monitor the progress of interventions and track how they are reducing risks, improving adaptive capacity, and supporting  vulnerable populations.  The goal is for the system to be fully functional starting in 2023, and there are several outstanding needs to be addressed in order to achieve the goal in this timeframe. Thus far, international experts dealing with agriculture and health have been engaged in building and advancing this roadmap.

The overarching goal of this technical assistance is to contribute to the implementation of the roadmap of the monitoring and evaluation component of the Monitoring System of Adaptation and Mitigation Measures of Peru, through the development of the design phase for the thematic area of water (15 adaptation measures) and the analysis of the sustainability of the development and implementation phases. This assignment seeks to develop a monitoring system that collects the best international practices and serves to report to international conventions, national frameworks on climate change and donors, also allowing to identify if the implementation of adaptation measures follows the planned paths, as well as if the measures are effective and how they can be improved. This technical assistance also includes the identification of barriers to the implementation of the Adaptation Monitoring System, a financial sustainability analysis and the completion of a Concept Note for applying to climate funds to complete the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation component of adaptation measures.

For more information, please visit:

UNPD Internet Site: https://www.un.org/Depts/ptd/sites/www.un.org.Depts.ptd/files/pdf/eoi19120.pdf

UNGM Portal: https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/155106

In case you are not a CTCN network member yet, you may still apply (further details are found in the document).

Please note that this request for expression of interest (EOI) is not an invitation for submission of tenders. Its purpose is to identify companies that would be interested and eligible to participate in the solicitation when issued. Vendors that are deemed qualified upon completion of an objective evaluation of their EOI submission will receive the final tender solicitation documents.


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