CTCN in Paraguay: Working on environmental flows and river basin management framework


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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Paraguay has expressed its interest in reducing the adverse effects of climate change. As a landlocked country whose economy is predominantly based on agriculture, Paraguay is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Paraguay intends to monitor the behaviour of the hydrological cycle and delivers control measures for climate change response at river basin levels, using a valid framework for an Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). A suitable process based on the framework will make it possible to collect hydrological and ecological data and identify adaptive measures to protect aquatic system from climate change. To provide a right decision for enhancing sustainable and climate-resilient IWRM, environmental flow (EF) at river basin levels needs to be defined and provided to decision makers. Understanding environmental characteristics and associated water drainage through applying EF tools is required to determine monitoring process and control measures for managing the quality and quantity of water and enhancing resilience against climate risk.

CTCN together with its partners, Network member the Environmental Hydraulics Foundation, is working on the improvement of climate resilience in the water sector:

•    Application of a tool for defining environmental flow at river basin level

•    Development of a framework for an Integrated Water Resource Management in consideration with climate change adaptation

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