CTCN in Paraguay: New tool to improve the management of watersheds and water resources


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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As a landlocked country whose economy is predominantly based on agriculture, Paraguay is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. Adaptation is an essential part of reducing these negative impacts. However, due to the lack of information and strategies to enhance resilience against climate risk, this country has faced environmental, social, health and economic problems. 

The Government of Paraguay asked the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) to assist on advancing in the field of technical studies, providing methodologies and practical tools to improve the management of watersheds and water resources in Paraguay, in a context of climate change and regional and global socioeconomic transformation.

The application of environmental flow tool was designed by CTCN network member, the Environmental Hydraulics Foundation, and it represents the first phase of this assistance. This tool will assist the authorities to develop the integrated water resource management (IWRM) plans with the identification of relevant adaptive measures. The Tebicuary River Basin is proposed as an on-the-job training where associated data are used to train stakeholders to understand the tool. This river basin is one of the country’s largest basins and faces water management problems caused by all economic sectors and both rural and urban settlements.

The second phase of this assistance is to develop a framework for the formulation of an IWRM plan at river basin levels. The framework will underpin the development of the plan providing the identification and implementation of control measures to adapt to climate change in river basins of Paraguay.


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