CTCN Network members Econoler and Le Groupe-Conseil Baastel to assist in developing Climate Center in Madagascar


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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CTCN Network members Econoler and Le Groupe-Conseil Baastel have been selected to provide technical assistance on the design of a technology development and education centre in Madagascar.

The non-governmental organization, Maharita, requested the technology assistance from CTCN through their National Designated Entity at the Madagascar Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forests. Econoler and Le Groupe-Conseil Baastel were selected to engage relevant national authorities and stakeholders in order to deliver the following:

  • Analysis of experiences in terms of climate change education & awareness-raising in Madagscar
  • Mapping of experiences and good practice at the international level
  • Drawing up a set of alternatives on the establishment of the centre, including recommendations on the intervention approaches for the climate training programme as well as options for securing funding needs

Econoler is a private sector consulting firm headquartered in Canada with a mission to provide quality energy efficiency and renewable energy professional services while respecting sustainable development principles. The firm has 35 years of experience with approximately 4,000 projects conducted in 130 countries.

Le Groupe-conseil baastel (Baastel) is a firm dedicated to research and consulting, whose mission is to provide knowledge, tools and skills necessary for decision-makers, managers and local stakeholders to make infrormed decisions and lead implementation of their vision and priorities for sustainable development. Over the years, Baastel has carried out hundreds of assignments, ranging in scale and scope, for international agencies, multilateral and bilateral organizations and private enterprise.

More about this technical assistance in Madagascar.

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