CTCN meets with the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food


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Climate Technology Centre and Network

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) and a delegation from the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark met at UN City-Copenhagen today to share their respective work. The CTCN team presented the technical assistance, capacity building and knowledge services that it provides to developing countries as they seek to meet their Paris Agreement and sustainable development goals.  Examples of agriculture, forestry, housing, and circular economy projects in developing countries were provided by the Centre, as well as trends in demand for environmentally-friendly technologies.  The CTCN has received 185 requests from 93 developing countries for technical assistance, of which more than 50% are mitigation related, 27% adaptation and more than 20% are related to both mitigation and adaptation.  

“We play a unique role in delivering technology assistance at the request of developing countries as they strive to develop energy-efficient, low-carbon and climate-resilient societies. Thanks to our host institutions, UN Environment Programme and UNIDO, and a growing network of technology partners from around the world, we can respond to country requests very quickly. We see a growing demand from developing countries for climate change solutions, and we would be pleased to further collaborate with the Ministry of Environment and Food, as well as Danish companies and institutions to share needed expertise.”, said CTCN Director Dr. Rose Mwebaza.

The delegation from the Ministry of Environment and Food shared their priorities, emphasizing their policy, regulatory and technology work on agriculture, deforestation, green shipping, and industry, among others. The Ministry and the CTCN agreed to explore collaboration on capacity building and knowledge sharing through regional events as well as the CTCN's knowledge platform, one of the largest online suorces of climate technology information in the world.

The CTCN gratefully recognizes the government of Denmark for its support of the Centre's work to serve developing countries in their climate change needs. 



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